Wrist Watches For Guys & Girls

Wrist watches have been around for a while, but it was only in the late 80’s that the idea of a watch with a wrist band caught on. The early days of wrist watches suffered from a few problems, such as the display being too small to read, the buttons being too difficult to use, and the ability to tell time being impossible. Those early models were so clunky and shallow that you would have to be wearing a suit to use them. Wristwatches are the most common timepiece sold today. With stylish designs, they have captured the interest of a wide range of people. Watches are now being chosen by both men and women. The wristwatch has gone a long way and there are many wristwatches that are available in the market. If you are looking for a wristwatch, you can choose from the wide range of these watches. Tick tock on the clock! Get out your Rolex and Apple watches, because today we’re showing you the flashiest custom watches you can add to The Sims 4. Whether you want to save time or just look cool. Either way, this watch will help your Sims do both. We don’t have much time, so let’s get going.

Eternia watch

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Check out this AC. Our first Pralinesims clock is a big round clock, big enough to stand out among all your sims friends. The size and reflective nature of this CC make it highly visible, not to mention the 15 different color options you can choose from. If you want something big and bold, the Eternia watch is for you.

Wooden period clock

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Check out this AC. This is the first of many CCs that the creator of the S-Club has put on this list. It has a unique wooden watch design, specially designed for women. It has a nice thin wood finish and a clean look that goes with many dark clothes. Here are 3 examples. Not much, but a simple technique with a unique concept. For example, how many of you know a wooden clock? That’s right.

National clock

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Check out this AC. Do you want to present your country in style? Check out this CC watch. The watch has a sparkling finish and a band that matches the color of the country you have chosen, making this watch truly attractive. And the center is filled with a background image of any country (from the available range). Seven country options are available, including Canada, USA, England and France, Switzerland, China and Japan.

Emerald watch

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Check out this AC. Three in a row here from S-Club, bringing us this beautiful emerald green CC watch. Not only is the central portion of the watch made entirely of emeralds, but the surrounding bracelet is decorated with pieces of emerald, giving the style a unique character. It distinguishes itself as a luxury item by taking the best elements of a necklace and applying them to a watch. I’d say it’s both creative and luxurious.

Square Design Watch

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Check out this AC. Sometimes you just need a modern classic. And this watch proves it. You will notice that the band acts as a clasp, and this part of the watch is shaped like a small square. Ideal for daily use. It’s certainly not too light or too big to be a main attraction. But it’s still beautiful and matches many outfits in the game.

Petal clock

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Check out this AC. The next CC watch shines. The strap has a floral design in rose gold and the watch itself is in polished dark rose gold. This is true top class luxury, not to mention the unique design of the petals that run along the line of the bracelet. When your Sim wears it to the fanciest party, it’s sure to turn heads.

Children’s rabbit clock

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Check out this AC. Now the kids have something they can wear on their wrists: Clock in the shape of a CC rabbit, made by the maker of feyona. The watch has a fairly simple design: The dial has a rabbit’s snout and small ears on the sides to complete the image of a rabbit. Here you get 4 unique designs, including Candy Pink and Pure Gold. Creator Feyona also offers a toddler version, for Sims who want to watch their little ones.


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Check out this AC. The S-Club’s last appearance on this list is a good one. With this CC, you get a beautiful watch with a black leather strap decorated with a triangle in the middle. The triangle finish is by far the most unique watch finish on this list, and it would also be a great buy in the real world. If you want your Sim to look like a top-class businessman, this watch will definitely help you achieve that image.

Apple Nike sports watch

Source: apple
Check out this AC. Everyone loves realism in the world of The Sims. And now we can connect our Sims smartphones to this smart watch. The watch, available in gray, white and black, is modeled after the real Apple Watch. And it looks incredible. Make calls, keep track of your fitness, and look cool with this gaming-ready Apple Watch. How can a sim get past that?

Linda Diamond Watch

Source: thesimsresource
Check out this AC. Talk about intelligence. CC Creator feyona distinguishes itself by creating this timepiece with an incredible design. It is completely encased in diamonds, which makes it very attractive and masterfully beautiful. And probably a watch that’s really made for girls (it’s a CC for women, after all). But it could be a great gift for your man-sim for his birthday. And if you’re feeling spoiled, you can even ask your wife to pick one out for you. This watch is the true definition of a home on your wrist. There are 3 models, but the original golden model is by far the most beautiful.

Smart Ring With Rfid Chip Can Replace Your Wallet and House Keys!

Imagine a ring that not only registers your credit cards, but also your bank account, health insurance card, driver’s license, keys and house keys. Who’d have thought of that? It’s called the Ring and the idea is to use it as your ‘universal key’ for everyday needs, replacing your house keys, wallet, health insurance card and even your car keys.
Source: smartringnews.com
If you’re not familiar with the concept, a smart ring can replace your wallet, house keys, and even your cellphone. However, this isn’t the only application of the smart ring. It can also be used to store personal information, such as bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, and other sensitive data. This can prevent identity theft and prevent people from using your personal information to open new accounts without your permission. Smart rings are the gadgets of the future. Easy to use and carry, it can include many functions. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Foundry, Composite and Machining Technology (IGCV) have conducted intensive research and developed a multifunctional smart ring. The ring is 3D printed and, as mentioned before, equipped with an RFID chip.
Source: wonder.store
The transformation of hardware technology that enables the integration of electronic components into the manufacturing process is unique, said Maximilian Binder, senior researcher at Fraunhofer IGCV, in a statement. This smart ring with an RFID chip is made layer by layer. A small part remains hollow, in which electronic circuits are integrated. The design is unique and modern, and the best thing about this ring is its versatility. It can record data such as a user’s medical history, blood group information, or drug intolerance data, in case of emergency. It can also be used to open a smart door or pay at the supermarket checkout. The smart ring has many applications in the field of health and well-being, but also in daily life.
Source: pocket-lint.com
These gadgets are really useful for older people who may not be able to keep track of things or perform simple tasks without supervision. Let’s hope that more of these kinds of gadgets will appear, with even more advanced and better features. EDITORIAL RECOMMENDATIONS Oura Smart Ring Health Tracker for athletes

How to Request Your SSDI Benefit Verification Letter


Many people do not realize that Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are provided to people who are unable to work due to a disability. Once an applicant is determined to be blind or disabled, they can receive a benefit every month to help pay for their living expenses.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an important program that protects workers who have become disabled. In most cases, you need to provide evidence of disability to receive benefits. These benefits can be critical to meeting basic needs. But they may not be enough if you need medical treatment or if you want to retire early due to disability. Unfortunately, you cannot get benefits without first proving your disability. This is where the Social Security Disability Insurance Verification Letter comes in handy.

Another benefit of choosing how to request your signature and SSDI benefit verification letter is that it’s your choice. You can pick a time when you have time to do it yourself, or you can pick up the phone and call. It’s your choice.

At some point after the application for Social Security disability benefits has been reviewed and approved, the applicant will receive an official letter confirming that the benefit has been paid. The information in this letter is extremely important because it indicates what you can expect in monthly payments. The applicant may also need this letter to verify social security benefits or social security income – for example, when applying for a loan. This is an important piece of personal documentation that you should be able to access at any time if needed.

What does the letter verifying a social security benefit say?

  • identifying information
  • Estimated monthly benefit amount
  • When can you expect to receive a benefit?
  • Amount of expected salary, if any
  • Amounts owed to staff
  • the accountability of your services
  • How do you file a complaint?

The Social Security Administration has two programs to help American workers who have disabilities that prevent them from working. First, there is supplemental security insurance, a taxpayer-funded program that provides for basic needs of income-eligible individuals. SSDI, on the other hand, is more like the Social Security retirement program you may be familiar with. All workers in the U.S. pay Social Security to the SSDI system, which allows them to earn credits that help determine their eligibility for SSDI benefits if they become disabled. Whether you apply for an SSI or SSDI, the Social Security Administration will send you an official Social Security benefit letter after the decision is in your favor. You may also hear it called a benefit letter, budget letter, income verification letter or social security benefit letter. Regardless of the specific term, this letter can be used as proof of your pension, supplemental security income, Medicare benefit, Medicaid coverage and disability (SSDI). Because it contains very important and up-to-date information about your social security income, this letter can be used at any time to prove your income, for example. For example, for a mortgage or other loan, housing assistance and other benefit programs.

What is a social security notice?

A Social Security approval letter is an official document from the SSA showing that you are authorized to receive SSDI or SSI benefits. It is important to note that this letter is specific to the approval of your disability benefits – it exists separately from your application for Social Security, which describes the expected benefits you will receive from the SSA upon retirement. Once a decision has been made, the SSA always sends the claimant a letter confirming the disability award. Please be assured that you will receive this letter through the U.S. Postal Service, not through any other mail service.

What does the notice of award of Social Security benefit say?

Generally, your benefit letter will contain the following information.

Identification data

Your Social Security benefit letter will include your full name and date of birth. While this is obvious information, it also links the Social Security benefits listed in the letter to you as the recipient. If you need to provide proof of performance, this will help.

Calculation of monthly benefit

Your SSDI or SSI confirmation letter will state the amount you can expect to receive for your monthly benefit. This monthly benefit is based largely on your average lifetime income, which is covered by Social Security.

When can benefits be expected to be paid

Somewhere in your benefit application, you were asked to indicate which day of the month you prefer to receive your monthly benefits. There is no standard payment date for SSDI or SSI benefits – they are set individually for each recipient. Knowing exactly when your payments are due will help you plan the best way to pay all your monthly bills on time. You can also expect to receive your benefits via direct deposit. Make sure you have a bank account to receive the money. You no longer have to wait to receive your social security check in the mail.

Expected salary amount, if any

If your application took enough time to accrue your benefits, your notice of award of disability benefits will state the total amount of benefits you are entitled to and the time frame in which you can expect to receive them. SSDI or SSI refunds are usually paid in one lump sum, usually within 60 days of your application being approved. The effective date of the benefit is generally the date the application for the reduced earning capacity pension is filed.

Amounts owed to agents

If you designated a representative to receive and administer your benefits during the application process, that person will be officially listed on your confirmation letter. You do not need to appoint a representative – this is a purely personal choice, but a representative previously appointed on your behalf will be named in your letter. If you worked with a disability attorney throughout the application process, that attorney is entitled to 25% of the benefits paid to you, but not more than $6,000.

Controllability of your benefits

If your disability benefit is taxable, this will be noted on your letter. In most cases, SSDI distributions are tax-free, but if you receive more than $25,000 as an individual and more than $32,000 as a couple, up to 50% of that income may be considered taxable. The lump sum benefits you receive for disability or transitional benefits will also be included in this amount, which often puts you above the income limit.

How to make a complaint

SSA recognizes that litigation is complex and that you may not agree with all elements of SSA’s decision, including your original claim. The award letter not only describes the elements of the decision and the details of your benefit, but also includes instructions on how to appeal any part of the SSA’s decision if you are not satisfied with it.

How long does it take to receive a notice of social security subsidy?

You can expect a formal benefit decision within one to three months of your disability application being approved. However, please note that, as with most claims, these time limits can vary significantly depending on the specifics of your situation. In rare cases, some claimants had their benefits transferred to their bank accounts before they received the grant notification.

To get a copy of your social security benefit decision

You do not have to do anything to get the original award letter. Once a decision is made on your application, the SSA will automatically mail your letter to the address associated with your Social Security number. Remember that it can take several months before you receive the letter with the decision. When you receive a letter, try to keep it in a safe but easily accessible place. If you need a copy of your social security statement, you can request additional copies from the SSA at any time. You may call or visit your local representative to make this request. If you have an online account at My Social Security, you can also immediately download a copy of your disability benefit confirmation letter.

How do I challenge a grant decision?

If you disagree with any part of your order confirmation, it is important that you appeal quickly. When you work with a disability lawyer, they can help you with this part of the process. You must appeal within 60 days. You can do this online or fill out Form SSA 561, which is a request for reconsideration. The 60-day period starts five days after the date of your letter. SSA expects to receive your letter within five days. After you appeal, the SSA will send you a new written decision – after your application has been reviewed by an expert who was not involved in the original process. Then, if you still disagree with the decision, you or your disability attorney can request an in-person hearing before an administrative law judge on your behalf. As with your initial appeal, you must file this request within 60 days of the date on the reconsideration letter. If you choose this route, you must appear in person before the administrative law judge. In some cases, the administrative law judge may allow a telephone or video conference, but in most cases you will have to appear in person at the hearing, and SSA may reimburse your travel expenses depending on the distance you have to travel. At this point, the administrative law judge may also ask you to undergo additional tests or medical examinations to confirm the validity of your claim. You may call witnesses to speak on your behalf, and the judge may seek expert medical advice and/or ask for additional medical evidence or documents. At the end of the hearing, you will receive a supplemental letter detailing the judge’s decision. If you still disagree with the decision, you can request a review by the Social Security Appeals Council, which will review your case to ensure that all elements of the Social Security Act and SSA guidelines have been properly applied throughout the process. The final step in the appeal process, if the appellate board reaches an unfavorable result, is to transfer the case to federal district court. Some candidates may disagree with the start date or the setting of the salary. In this case, you can work with a disability lawyer to challenge the date based on when you filed and when your condition became severe enough to prevent you from working. You may be entitled to retroactive disability benefits, which is slightly different from retroactive benefits. Retroactive earned income simply goes back to the date of application, while retroactive earned income can go back to the date of disability. This sometimes happens to claimants who wait to apply for benefits rather than apply immediately because of a disability.

Your assistance letter

Waiting for a decision on SSI or SSDI benefits can seem like an eternity, but with the right documentation and legal support, you will eventually receive your benefits. After you receive the letter, you should read it carefully to make sure you understand the terms it contains: the amount of your monthly disability benefit, the payment dates, and, if applicable, the benefits. You can also share this information with any disability lawyer you have worked with in the process. If you disagree with any of the terms of the letter, it is important to act quickly and appeal. It is important that you keep a copy of your social security statement in case you need it for an appeal process or as proof of income for various possible purposes. word-image-8777If you are not yet aware, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a very useful online tool that allows you to verify your SSDI claim status. You should use this tool on a regular basis, since it can help you respond to your disability insurance carrier faster if you are having problems with the status of your claim.. Read more about social security award letter pdf and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Social Security benefit verification letter?

Sometimes life changes so radically that we lose our Social Security or Medicare benefits, and we need to get a benefit verification letter to continue receiving payments. Here is how to get one quickly. Social Security disability benefits are available to those who have been disabled by a medical condition that caused a total or partial inability to work. They are available to individuals who have been disabled since age 22, or since age 18 if they had a disability that began before age 22.

How do I get a copy of my disability award letter?

I recently received my SSDI funding letter, and wanted to share with you how you can request a copy of this important document. The letter is a verifiable document that shows how much money the government has paid towards your disability claim, and is very important for completing any financial transactions. Any time I need a copy of this document, I always have to request it from the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a Benefits Verification Program (BVP) that will help verify whether or not you are receiving your disability benefits. The BVP will also check to make sure that the SSA has the correct amount of benefits that you are entitled to receive.

How do I get my Social Security award letter online?

I am a retired veteran, and I asked the Social Security Administration (SSA) to send me my Disability Insurance (DI) award letter. It turns out that the SSA does not have my current address, so I had to go to their website and apply for a change of address. Once I did that, I received the letter in the mail. Here’s how I did it. Social Security is one of the most misunderstood government programs. Many people have questions about how to apply, how much they will receive, and what to do if they are wrongfully rejected. And, of course, many people are confused about the waiting period and whether or not they will receive their award letter. It is important to understand how Social Security works to ensure you get the correct information.

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Flip-Through of the Elemental Power Tarot

One of the first of my friends was a tarot reader. Her cards usually came with a paperback book, and sometimes they would come with a DVD. I loved the books and would read them cover to cover. The DVD was slow, though, and I never really watched it even if it was provided. Now, I watch videos of tarot readers reading their books, and I find myself enjoying them more. There are a lot of real-life situations we never dream ourselves into. So, why not live our lives out on the page? This is the concept behind the Elemental Power Tarot, a deck that pulls real life situations from the headlines into its cards. The cards fall under the many elemental archetypes. One of the greatest challenges in life is maintaining balance. In this tarot, there are cards that represent the four elements of fire, wind, water, and earth. These cards are symbolic of the four most important aspects of life: our present circumstances, our beliefs, our future, and our relationships with others. First of all, I want to say that I love this deck. The Power of Elements Tarot comes with a great guide, and Melinda Lee Holm’s illustrations are phenomenal. (Oops – incorrect statement; she’s not an artist, but I’ll leave that sentence to illustrate my point. I will indicate proper authorship later in this review]. The quality of the product is impeccable – nice matte finish, excellent quality cardboard, packaging, full color instructions, everything. Just look at the design on the back of the card. I like it. Some reviewers are dissatisfied with the quality of the map material, but I had no problems with it. I also like the non-traditional size of the cards (at least for tarot decks). To me, the problem is a misunderstanding of how a publisher can set consumer expectations. It’s not fair to put the responsibility on the artist/maker of the deck. So the responsibility lies with whoever was responsible for the marketing and promotional materials for this game. Yeah, I’m being intentionally cryptic right now. You’ll soon see what I mean. Let’s start with how I came up with this deck. A tarot reader I know wanted to do a little experiment with me. He gave it to me: I want to send you the deck, but first you have to promise me that you won’t look for any information about it, you won’t read any reviews, and you won’t try to find pictures of the cards in the deck, okay? The only thing you are allowed to look at before receiving the game is the publisher’s marketing text and the pictures of the sample cards on the box. Is that good? I shrug my shoulders. Yes, of course. He sent me the promotional pictures of the cards and the game box provided by the publisher that contained the cards he had selected. By the way, a side note: In fact, this guide is well written and full of information.
Source: theselfcareemporium.com
In fact, in all the marketing and promotional material for the game published by the publisher, only the Great Arcana cards, the Aces and the Court cards are shown. For some reason I overlooked this detail and thought I was getting a fair representation of the whole game. And I can’t put my excitement into words. Wow, just wow. This bridge is going to be epic. No, this game is just epic. The artwork, the concept, even the graphic details of the borders and layout, and the inclusion of cabalistic and astrological correspondences – yes, everything! Also note that key 8 represents power and key 11 represents justice. Oh, so we have a game based on RWS, huh? How can you not immediately fall in love with the art of this game? The principle here is the elimination of human figures from the Tarot and the reduction of each Tarot key to its elemental powers. You will see scenes based on the five elements – fire, water, air, earth and spirit. Holm has written this guide in an exemplary manner. If you buy this game, the text is worth reading. The content reflects a deep understanding of Western esotericism. Melinda Lee Holm considers herself a tarot priestess. She is a professional tarot reader and is involved in makving talismanic jewelry and magical art. I am in love with this hierophant card. There is a slight hint of the traditional papal map at the top of the shrine. The cat is cute. And the Lovers card that I, oops, ripped out of my photo expresses this through polar furnishing styles. (You can go back to an earlier photo to see the full button 6). The second-person narration draws you right in. I love the guide sections for each record on the map. Oops, oops, correction.
The creator of the game is Melinda Lee Holm, and you can find her signature everywhere. Because the illustrator’s name is less visible, I first thought the illustrations were by Holm himself. Only when I read the description of the game carefully, I understood from a short line that the illustrations were by Rohan Daniel Eason. Eason’s artistic inspirations are primarily traditional woodcuts and prints, which lend themselves well to contemporary alchemical art. They are drawn by hand, and his main drawing medium is pen and ink. I can feel your feelings now. =) You love this game, don’t you? I mean, how could I not. The artwork is everything. You can’t contain your excitement. This is my only reason for choosing a deck – its marketing and promotional material. You should have shown at least one or two pip cards, like the five of a kind among majors and aces, right? Why couldn’t the eight of swords be included in the map images in the promotional material? I have mixed feelings, because on the one hand I don’t mind the design of the piping. They are illustrated, it seems. They undoubtedly resemble the corresponding elements, for each colored figure card has exactly the same background, only the number of chalices, or swords, or whatever, in a different ornamental arrangement. Considering how much I love Majors, I’d probably still want to buy this deck, despite the design decisions in Pips. Fortunately, the site plans are intuitive and easy to understand. Before I consulted the guide, I could guess who the page, the horse, the queen and the king were. Nowhere in the marketing text or product description will you find a line indicating that it is based on TdM. And even as a ToM-inspired game, the repetition of background images as copies just seems….. sloppy. It’s as if the person who made this film didn’t and couldn’t care about anything more than what you see here. Even the historic bridges of Marseille show more variation in ornamentation.
Source: juneauempire.com
And perhaps if the guide were to describe the symbolic meaning of these arrangements, as in the Ettheila games or the occult games of the 19th century….. …uh, no. Nothing. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the content. I love the short summary for each test, the excerpt from the textbook, and the challenge notes. Given what’s missing, I have to assume there was no intent or logic to the placement of the beams, chalices, etc. And if it did, I would consider that critical information that should be included in the manual. The colored coin image cards are a bit messy and chaotic if you are picky and discerning. I like that there are a few different designs of gold coins here on the Pips, but the same background that keeps getting copied and pasted into all the costumes just seems lazy. It’s not like a creative labor of love. And it was my friend’s experiment to document the consumer’s perspective and emotional reaction to the marketing copy of the deck, versus seeing the full deck itself. This thing is a disappointment that could have been avoided. Accurate representation of the Minor Arcana cards! Set the right expectations. Don’t hide things from people who will find out anyway. For example, why. Why? If I saw the Three of Pentacles and the Seven of Wands among the promotional images and bought the game because of Eason’s beautiful art and Hill’s writing, I would be absolutely delighted. But because consumers feel cheated by this kind of marketing, it creates unnecessary resentment. Just say it’s a ToM game. Anyone who decides to buy the tickets will be happy with them as they are. The fact is that nobody likes to feel cheated. And looking at the sample cards on the box and the promotional videos for the game, you can’t help but think that the publisher intentionally set the cards a little too low. It’s not like all the cards randomly chosen for the picture on the box are majors and aces. Melinda Lee Holm’s impressive tarot knowledge (easily understood from the guide) and Rohan Daniel Eason’s alchemical illustrations inspired by woodcuts and engravings could make Tarot of Elemental Power the next big thing in the tarot world this decade. This could have been the Wild Doom of the 2023s. Everyone will be praising this game. Sigh. Missed opportunity.


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A long, long time ago in a magical land called England, among the elves and the dwarves, there was an amazing book of magic called the Elemental Power Tarot. Like all great Tarot decks, it was drawn from the deep well of ancient wisdom and hidden away by the wise elves.. Read more about elemental power tarot deck and let us know what you think.

August 31st 2023 Weekly Signs Astrology Forecast

Listed here are the Weekly Signs of the Zodiac, as well as the dates on which they will be active for the coming week. These are the dates when the stars rule over your life, and with a little bit of preperation and awareness, you can take advantage of the extra help they offer. The activities of the Weeklies are a potent mixture of external events and your own actions and choices. The August 31st, 2023 is a special day since it is the day the world will end and we will all perish to the great unknown. The world will end on this day because of a solar eclipse which will occur on the 31st of August, 2023. On this same day, there will be an total lunar eclipse, which will also occur at around 9:20 PM UK time. The moon, which will be at its full, will be in the same position as it was back in 2009 on the above mentioned date. As you will remember, the solar eclipse and the total lunar eclipse occurred back on the 14th of July, 2009. This means that the solar eclipse and the total lunar eclipse will occur on August 31st, 2023 This is the daily astrology forecast for the general public occurring at 01:07 EST on August 31st, 2023. This is my personal forecast and does not represent the official forecast of the “International Astronomical Union”.

Weekly Astrological Forecasts for All Signs August 31, 2023



Source: californiapsychics.com
Desire feeds this ambition Own your value The trail burns slowly Secret ambitions and desires may arise under the influence of the Full Moon in your 12th house. The house is taking shape this week. In addition to the opportunity to meet your higher self in zoom form, it’s about practicing your intuitive skills. There is a saying that in business there is no place for emotions. And we’ve seen what happens when a company has no heart. The new model for success will be to combine working on your mental skills as a boss with using your intuition. And it starts here, Aries.

Working on self-esteem

Don’t sell yourself or your true values. Liberating aspects between the Sun in your 6th and Uranus in your 2nd can lead to breakthroughs. Mercury is also in trine with Saturn retrograde in his 6th power and Venus in opposition to him in your 4th power on the 1st. Mercury and Venus win. You’ve invested time and effort. Now you get emotional and even material satisfaction.

Share this passion

Mercury enters your partnership sector on the 5th and Venus on the 6th. Your romance zone. They are cheerful, optimistic and eager to show love. This is a good week to explore or brag about your accomplishments, Aries. Starting next week, the passion turns into a slow burn. Remember, what burns slowly usually burns the longest. In a nutshell: Love that burns slowly eventually burns the most – and the longest, Aries. So keep that in mind. These long-term ambitions? That goes for us too. The long journey is already paying off.


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Get ready for your close-up, bull! Love comes unexpectedly Go where freedom wants you to go. Friends, groups, clubs, communities, networks, groups, associations and shared beliefs are the focus of the Full Moon in your 11th house this week. House.

Use unexpected connection options

With the Sun and Mercury in your 5th house. House you don’t feel like watching Netflix comfortably at the beginning of the week. Uranus rules your 11th house and is of course also in your 1st house. On the 1st, the Sun forms a beautiful trine with Uranus in your main house. House, and Venus in your 3rd house. is opposite Saturn retrograde in your 9th house. This pushes you out of the house, or at least socially away, because you need people now, Taurus. Love can come unexpectedly or in an unexpected package. Be ready – and open, both with your mind and your heart.

Freedom sends you into the blue

For you, the people you know or meet represent both freedom and the path to your dreams. The world needs to see you again – or at least know you’re still here! So try to make it easier for others to find you. The current situation with Covid-19 has challenged us all to be resourceful in learning and maintaining communication. Uranus is the planet of community and also of innovation. So invention is on your side. And a Mercury trine with Saturn on the Full Moon day will help you make important long-term connections and progress toward freedom. Mercury and Venus are in motion this week. Mercury will enter its sixth position on the 5th and Venus will enter your fourth position the next day. It’s about well-being and what contributes to it. Your home, your family, your sense of belonging, the environment you live in. When connecting with others or exploring opportunities from home, it’s even more helpful to make sure you create an environment that not only nurtures you, but inspires you. Does yours? It has to do with what you are feeling, because you are very sensitive to vibrations right now. If you need to take it to the next level or change your lifestyle to get there, do it. This week, Taurus, a sense of place will also contribute to your sense of freedom. In a nutshell: Ready for something new, Taurus? Someone or something that represents adventure and freedom will appear this week. Be open to what he or she looks like. A little reflection on the blue sky will lead you to your dreams.


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Get serious results Knowing when to let go Intuition frees you from limitations Yes, you are dealing with severe astrological weather in your other house of money, the 8th, as of late 2017, Gemini. The good news is that you are almost at the end of this cycle. This week is an opportunity to complete important negotiations or take some control of your life. It is time to take a step towards emancipation of the soul and work on it like a boss. To do this, you need to stay in touch with your intuition. Also be open to a new direction if offered. Sometimes winning means letting go. And the power of discernment is knowing when to do it!

Send a serious message for serious results

The Sun and Mercury in your 4th house align with Uranus in your 12th house. House (1st) and heavy Saturn (2nd). We also have a full moon in the 10th on the 2nd. Degree of Saturn. Venus in the second. House is in conjunction with Saturn in your 8th on the 1st. House across the street. This is an opportunity for you, through the strength and unwavering will of the warrior soul, to overcome once and for all some of the limitations you have been struggling with. Your public or professional image will make a big difference, as will your ability to convey that you are serious or committed to making a difference or effecting significant change. This Full Moon focuses on ambition and what you want to accomplish. It also asks you to be practical and yes, work with what you have, as if you were the CEO of You.Inc.

Love does not have to be hard work

As a result, you may be rewarded or simply released from your current circumstances. Naturally, there is a sense of ease around you when Mercury enters your 5th house. The sign intervenes and invites your inner child and romance back to play. Thanks to the entry of Venus into the 3rd house. Signed by Mercury the next day, you feel freer, more carefree and more relaxed about what’s going on. This is one of those Venus transits that gives you enhanced psychic abilities that you can use in money matters, work and business. Not to mention love. So if he gives you a new idea, follow it. Take this as a little extra magical healing for those difficult weather conditions, twins. In a nutshell: Ideas can come out of nowhere. And when they do, your higher self, Gemini, talks to you. So don’t ask them any questions. Follow them and see how the limitations of love or excess begin to fade.


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Getting answers to important questions Find links that inspire Lighten the load of love Questions about the meaning of life or what lies ahead will come up for you this week, Cancer. And if you really want answers to these questions and are open to them, you will find them at the time of this week’s Full Moon in your 9th house.

Who inspires you?

Answers can also come from people you know and are meeting now. They can also be the embodiment of what you want to do, have, experience or achieve. Expect to connect with people who inspire you. Thanks to the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd house. House ruled by Mercury, you will have little patience for people who focus on negativity. And indeed, you will soon see the effect of their energy on yours.

Let your love flow once more

Difficulties you’ve had with partners, roommates or co-workers, or people who just seem to want to crush your dreams, will also fade this week. Venus in your 1st is in opposition to Saturn on the 1st, the reason you think love is hard work. While Mercury plays the role of Saturn on the 2nd. Talking about love or a new relationship puts things back on track. Mercury and Venus are both in motion. Mercury enters your home zone on the 5th and promotes everything related to contracts, renting, buying, selling, cleaning, remodeling and feng shui. The next day, Venus leaves your first house. House and enters his second control house. House. Increase your earning power and focus on what you really need and what matters to you. If love is the answer to these questions, you, Cancer, will find ways this week to make the most of the love you have or can create. In a nutshell: Has love been hard work lately? You can go back to work this week, cancer. And when you seek answers to life’s important questions, the solution may surprise you. This also applies to the source.


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Change is often a hidden opportunity Long-term efforts are rewarded A new cycle of attraction begins Welcome to the change. This is especially true for work, wealth, career and everything else you share this week, Leo. Not just the full moon in your eighth house. The house of the 2nd gives you the opportunity to achieve something better. Right now, all your areas related to money, work, career and secret ambitions are under stress. Of course you want to succeed. But you’re not willing to sacrifice what’s most important to get it. This becomes clear on the day before the Full Moon, when your Sun forms a trine with Uranus in your status sector.

Become a beacon for what you want to attract

Venus will enter your sign on the 6th and usher in a new cycle of attraction. When he appears, it’s time to show off his trademark Royal Lion style. And understand that in order to activate the Law of Attraction, we must project outwardly an exact representation of what we feel inwardly in order for it to work. Before arriving in your sign, Venus sets Saturn retrograde in your 6th house on the 1st. Mercury (also on the 5th) is in trine with Saturn on the 2nd. This can lead to news and rewards for long-term efforts. But you’re also not willing to sacrifice the things that are really important to you to claim them. Mercury entering its third sign on the 5th heralds a time when you can work in harmony with others, including yourself, and are able to sell or present your ideas. Writing, talking, messaging, traveling, short trips, studying and the internet. Business can grow, and so can your bank account. If you want to stand out, dress to stand out, work on your brand and know that you are your ideas and maybe the next big thing, Leo! In a nutshell: Venus in your sign will give you glamour, airs and graces this week, Leo. Of course, they’re always in stock. Their appeal is even greater this week!


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A look in the mirror of the soul Love reflects the way you see yourself This week is dedicated to the value of the soul! When the full moon is in your 7th house. House stands, you know it’s always about someone acting like your mirror, Virgo.

Love is reflected in you

Your current partner, your potential partner or even your ex-partner are just three possibilities. Someone is thinking of you. Not just how they see you, but how you see yourself. Your hopes, your dreams and your desires. The love you have that you have to share. And yes, in some cases that person is an enemy, a rival, an adversary, or someone who we sincerely wish would explode or disappear into a parallel universe so they don’t bother us anymore. The Sun in your sign wants you to let go of past ideas about who you are and what you can have, as she is in trine with Uranus in your 9th house. You’ve moved on, Virgo. Is your relationship still intact? Uranus is always striving to set us free. Anytime.

Core qualities of the form

Venus is the planet that rules your love life, and she is on the move this week after being opposite Saturn in your romantic zone on the 1st. Maybe you’re looking for a more mature love? Mercury forms a trine with Saturn in your 1st degree on the same day as the Full Moon. So let’s talk seriously about love, or rather lover, to borrow a phrase from Grease. Then move your ruler (5) and Venus (6). Mercury in the second house. Ruler of Venus, and Venus in the secrets of your soul – and secret loves, on the 12th. The issues that began earlier this week now resonate deeply with you, as you see that what people are bouncing back at you is an accurate picture of your soul. It brought you here, Maiden. So if you need to set a higher standard, that may mean raising your values and expectations. And when the past comes up, ask yourself if it (or she) matches your current state of mind – or how it was then. And you know whether to say yes or no, here and now. In a nutshell: What are your values and how are they different from those you had in the past? Especially when it comes to how you feel about yourself. The sweet here and now will show you this week, Virgo.


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Creating a new you

Mercury enters your 1st on the 5th. Day and focus on what you are saying and sharing. Is it time for a relaunch or rebranding? Work on your personal message now, especially online, because the internet and your online profile is your playground. Another house that has to do with these things is, of course, your 11th house. This is the home of friends and your place on the team. Large groups of people. Your 11th is ruled by Uranus which, along with Mercury, rules electronics and, yes, the internet. So prove yourself this week. Venus’ arrival here now has more to do with the love of friends and followers. Being seen and feeling connected is part of what you need to do to feel better this week, Libra. So explore it in every way you can. In a nutshell: Venus is always looking for new experiences in love as she changes signs. This week it’s about your 11 friends and the future. Be part of a greater, more inclusive, closer love now, Libra.


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Truth, Freedom, Beauty, Love

In addition, Venus, which rules your 7th, is opposite Saturn in your 9th, in your 3rd. Encounters, news and opportunities free you from limitations. While the full moon is in your 5th house. House on the 2nd lights the way for romance and fun. On the same day, Mercury forms a trine with Saturn. In this case, you can look for ways to cure yourself and improve your well-being on the internet or even among your acquaintances. Mercury lands in your mysterious 12th from the 5th and Venus moves to your 10th, which is associated with public position and status, from the 6th. The desire to feel on top is fueled by opportunities to showcase yourself and your talents or to be seen by people who want to impress you, both personally and professionally. Mercury in your 12th house. The characters invite you to make it happen in an inspiring way. Don’t doubt it. Follow your intuition and be part of the big change, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Scorpio, this week you can do anything in the atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge. Especially when it comes to love. Truth, beauty and freedom are what you need right now. Anything less than that doesn’t support you.

Magnetic switch

Get your base in order! Security is the new freedom Let yourself go in the flow of abundance. Many of you are moving this week. There’s definitely a deep emotional need in you to build something or move to a safe haven, Sag.

Find out where the adventure begins – and ends

As a zodiac philosopher, you are happy to be at home in the world. But everyone needs a home to return to. Or a launching pad from which you can ascend to the stars. Full moon this week in the 4th house. The house that arrives on the 2nd is just that. In other words: What lies behind these dreams? This week, you have a rare opportunity to create that opportunity. Sun and Mercury in your 10th house. House enhances this ambition, as well as your ability to impress influencers, bosses, VIPs and decision makers. Changes in your work and values align with the new goals you have set for yourself.

Free House

Saturn in your house of money has made finances difficult for the past 2.5 years. Venus ruling this house in your other house of money, the 8th, is in opposition to it on the 1st, which brings you back into the flow of abundance. While Mercury, in the house of Saturn, forms a trine with it on the day of the full moon. Making decisions with a long-term perspective – for continuous improvement. Mercury then enters your 11th house. So looking forward to the invitations from the 5th. Venus enters your 9th house. Draw an, which is ruled by Sag from the 6th. Fuel a passion to go after something or someone. Now you have a base and you can maintain it, Sag. In a nutshell: The past two and a half years should show you that true freedom requires a safe haven. And a map to help you get where you want to go. Knowing what it is and/or where it is is now key.


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If it makes you feel good, follow it. Conversation with Be ready for the love of your heart The key to freedom is to feel good, Capricorns this week. And love is always the best medicine, after all. Venus remains in her 7th position until the 6th. House in your horoscope. This week he is in opposition to your ruler Saturn in your first house. House, and Mercury in your 9th. The house forms a triangle with it on the 2nd. On the 1st, the Sun is in your 9th house. Trine Uranus in your romantic zone. For singles, love can be found in unexpected places or in a new, alluring and exciting form. Acclimated? You need more variety and excitement this week. Think about how you can do this.

Start a serious conversation

A full moon in your 3rd. The house on the 2nd encourages conversations about the topic and your ideas. This is an excellent Full Moon for talking about love, completing a business or writing project, or starting conversations of any kind. Both in person and online, because that’s where the internet is at home. Are you looking for love? It can be a simple click or a wave of the hand. Mercury supports you when it comes to business, reputation and professional success, as he enters your 10th house on the 5th. Signs of entry. But you have to be willing to back up your words with actions or keep your word. Venus in your other house of money from the 6th can lead to a deeper love affair. Or give you access to financial or other resources. This week, Capricorns, someone may want to say yes to you. The news or just the message you were expecting may come unexpectedly. In a nutshell: This week: Let’s talk about love, Cappie. Conversations that come from the heart strengthen existing relationships. Or an unexpected approach to love.


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No change = no butterflies Transformation is the key to freedom It’s time to be two Change is necessary for evolution and growth. So don’t get in his way this week, Waterman. At the beginning of the month, the Sun forms a trine with Uranus, the ruler of the house, in your sector of change. Changes to your home, your living conditions, your income or your job are for your freedom and your greater well-being. The purpose behind this may still be hidden because Venus in your 6th opposes Saturn in your 12th. And Mercury in your 8th is in triangle with him on the 2nd. This day also brings you a full moon on the 2nd. You say it’s about your values. If a change occurs without your initiative, understand that it is in your best interest. So don’t fight it, accept it. Without change, there would be no butterflies. And that’s you this week.

Change this love experience

On the 5th, Mercury leaves your 8th and enters your 9th, which is responsible for large-scale thinking. This is your home of expansion and possibility. Now you can probably imagine how liberating change can be. Venus moves from the sixth to the seventh house. Characters. It’s time to shine, dress up and be part of a dynamic duo on some level. Yes, it can be your spouse, your true love, your bogeyman – real or potential. It can also be a best friend, a colleague, an activity or a business partner. Someone you know can make this change personally. The changes are about the love experience. Whatever form it takes, Aquarius. In a nutshell: Whatever changes this week is in your favor, Aquarius. And don’t forget it: Going from being single to in a relationship is also a change. For the better.


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I like the way you work. Performing household tasks Who is number one on your list of enemies of the soul? Who’s number one on your mind this week, Pisces? At this point, you are focusing on a specific person, connection or relationship. Maybe it’s time to build relationships. Or do you cherish what you already have or plant the seeds of a new one?

Who’s turn is it?

The full moon in your 1st. The house of the 2nd illuminates your opposite house – the 7th. Partners’ house – with its light. So it lands on someone or illuminates an empty space that needs to be filled. What is it? The Sun and Mercury remain in your 7th house. House. Unexpected news or encounters may occur on the 1st when the Sun crosses Uranus in your 3rd house. The shapes of the sign and Venus in your 5th house. Sign of romance and love for Saturn retrograde in your 11th house. If you’re looking for love, maybe there’s no wrong place to look right now? A trine between Mercury and Saturn also forms on the day of the Full Moon. Time for a conversation between you and a loved one? Now. This alignment can also be the beginning of a long discussion or interaction. So take the initiative and start the conversation. You never know where it might lead. Mercury, moving from the 5th to the 8th, takes the conversation in a very different direction. This can include your share, salary, assets, loans, mortgages and other resources. And yes, this is your sex house so that correspondence turns into sexting!

Show love every day

Venus is also in motion. At 6. Work and welfare. Venus always wants to keep things simple. Ways to improve your daily life, a new approach to nutrition and wellness are just some of the benefits Venus can offer you during your stay. Improving close relationships is always a good start. So open up the love discussion this week, Pisces. In a nutshell: This week, the Full Moon in your sign illuminates the focus of your heart. Or the space you need to fill, Pisces. Either way, it’s time to show love in all areas of your life. www.horoscope.co.ukAstrology Weekly, by FireGeezer.com. The forecast for your future as told by the stars. Astrology Weekly will be released every Wednesday for the next 13 weeks. Each week there will be two forecasts, one for the current week and one for the next week. The first forecast will be on August 31st 2023, and the second will be on September 13th 2023. The first two forecasts will be for the current week and the second two forecasts will be for the next week. If you have questions or comments email me at (firegeezer.com) .. Read more about leo horoscope and let us know what you think.

Vox Arcana by Jaymi Elford, Sally Rose, and Multiple Artists

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the latest in our ongoing investigation into the mysterious and powerful world of magic and the occult. This is Vox Arcana, the second instalment in our ongoing investigation into the mysterious and powerful world of magic. This time around, we’re delighted to present an album that was written in collaboration with (well, we couldn’t find the artist’s name, but one of the tracks got an entry in the New Year’s Eve Holiday Party), and performed by an ensemble of musicians on multiple instruments. In 2011, Vox Arcana was born on the online zine community Pando, where writers could post and comment on their own or other people’s stories. The first Vox Arcana issue was released by Pando Press in 2012, and an anthology edited by Jaymi Elford followed in 2013. And now, an anthology edited by Sally Rose has been released.
Source: worthpoint.com
Rose has been pleased with the response to Vox Arcana, and as the editor, she has tried to remain open-minded and inclusive with the stories that have been submitted. Rose said: “I’ve loved reading the different kinds of fiction that Vox Arcana has garnered over the years, and I think that’s part of the reason a lot of people are excited Jaymi Elford, Sally Rose, and multiple artists have blended their unique talents to create a brand new podcast, Vox Arcana. This podcast is all about storytelling, and is a good example of how a podcast can be both an art form and a therapeutic tool. Each episode, one of the three hosts will share a story from their life with the other two in attendance, and in the process, explore the nature of human experience and how that manifests in the world around us. This is done through song, dance, and a host of other creative methods.

Vox Arcana, The Voice of Tarot by Jaymi Elford, Sally Rose, and a different artist for each card

Reviewed by Jade

The creative vision behind the Vox Arcana is beautiful with music, or better opera, providing the leitmotif for this collaborative project. The booklet is an inspiring appeal to look at tarot as one would look at an opera. The tarot tells a moving story, that grasps and transforms the listener. It is composed of visuals and meanings that are told via many individual voices. Every voice has its place in the whole, but each voice is also wholly unique. This is the shared vision. Traditional tarot decks that are generally created by a small group, might be well-composed but they can lack creativity and internal diversity. The tarot comes alive through an artist’s ability to express every card’s energies and fewer artists simply mean a smaller repository of experiences, of associations and thus of possible expressions. word-image-15648 To have a different artist express each card’s energy results in a unique expression of each card, even for those cards that have some overlap (The Moon and The Empress, for example, are both expressions of the feminine or The Sun and The Emperor expressions of the masculine). So this deck is not so much a substitute for more univocal creations, but it attempts to add a further very diverse voice to the choir of available tarot decks. And it is a strange experience. There are so many cards I would like to show you: some I loved immediately. like The High Priestess with her sharp edges; others I disliked at first, like the buxom 6 of Pentacles, which are growing on me. Other cards again have shown me unseen depths of cards I thought familiar. The King of Cups turns into a shadowy figure that creates waves of emotion from behind the scenes. And sometimes the little white book had some incredible gems of meaning to share. So I have decided to just let the deck show itself and I drew some cards for a card interview. The first card presents its main energy, the second card its main gift, and the third card the kind of person that can work best with this deck.The main energy is the 10 of Cups, bringing different emotions, points of view and aspects together, to create harmony. The main gift is The Hierophant, it can grant insight into traditional structures and a way to connect with different traditions. And the Vox Arcana does proclaim to be a traditionally innovative deck. Finally the person to best work with the deck is someone who is living the 10 of Wands, but who is also ready to transform this burden. I am familiar with the 78 Tarot project, it is an independent collaborative tarot initiative, that releases a collaborative deck each year. These releases are explicitly centered around a theme, like the Tarot Mythical, the Tarot Astral and so on. And even though the 78 Tarot has a common theme to guide the artists, the Vox Arcana for some reason feels more cohesive without such an explicit thematic focus. To me it feels like there is a symbolic depth to every card of this deck that was missing in various versions of the 78 Tarot that I owned (I am not saying that it wasn’t there, just that I could not see it). It might be the fact that most of the artists are Italian and thus share a cultural background, or that the artists were made aware of the musical framing. Many of the interpretations given in the booklet do center around the world of opera, music and song. word-image-15649 The Temperance card for example simply depicts a woman, the booklet however tells us that this maiden is about to sing an aria that will transform the audience. A very beautiful idea indeed. A last aside, the artists have been asked to provide a song for their card should they be so moved. An incomplete playlist can be found on the last pages, a touch that I enjoyed very much. There is also a complete list of the artists and their social media. Now finally, on to the cards themselves. They follow the Rider Waite Smith system, but two extra cards are included. These are printed on both sides and represent the four elements. The cards themselves are gorgeous, but glossy, very glossy and thus have a bit of a plastic feel to them. I personally don’t mind that, but tastes are different. The card stock is excellent, it feels thick and sturdy, riffle shuffling is quite a challenge for me, but that is not my preferred style. If you prefer very flexible cards this is not quite for you. The cards are borderless and the names at the bottom are unobtrusive. The colours are vibrant and the cards look beautiful. I did think that the comic style dominating many of the cards would put me off, but it absolutely didn’t. While there is some diversity and some acknowledgement of different cultures it is far from a balanced deck in that regard. Finally the packaging. I really like the sturdy box, with its pull-off lid. It is not much larger than the cards, something that I quite appreciate, since space in my tarot shelf is sparse. For me this deck accomplishes what it set out to do, namely to tell many stories with distinct voices that come together to form a whole that is moving and inspiring.

In Defense of the Tarot Card-of-the-Day

I’ve been mulling things over lately, and no matter how much I try, I can’t get the tarot card-of-the-day (or “TCOD”) out of my head. Originally I thought that the card-of-the-day was a general spirit that represented a theme or idea, but I’ve recently been thinking that it is actually a specific card. The Tarot card-of-the-day concept has been around for several years now. Though the name may confuse readers, the concept is simple: each day, I will post a Tarot card-of-the-day, and offer a short commentary on it. Sometimes these articles will be general, but most often, they will be focused on a particular aspect of the tarot. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. Over the last few months, I’ve often felt like this. (This is the Four of Pentacles by the way.) I want to hold on to everything that is precious to me. I want to protect everyone I love, I want to make sure that finances are relatively secure, I want to make sure that everyone I love (me included) is comfortable and safe.
Source: thenewshouse.com
I want to wrap everyone in a blanket and leave them tucked in on the couch with a hot mug of tea and a good book. Of course, no matter how much I focus on these things, or worry about these things, most of them are not under my complete and superhuman control. And, trying to hold everything steady is exhausting, and blocks the flow of energy and positive change. So, instead of trying to take the whole world in my arms and hold it fast, I’ve created and maintained a few rituals for myself that keep me steady, and help me to keep things in perspective. One of these rituals is pulling one Tarot card a day, every morning. I know that many people don’t see the value in this. Some people feel that it is tedious to do this, it becomes a chore, or they just don’t see how one card can inform them and impact their day. And, many Tarot readers post a Card-of-the-Day on social media, me included, and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and noise. I always pull a card-of-the-day for the collective, but I had moved away from the practice of pulling one specifically for myself. I have come back to it, and it has been an enormously uplifting, meditative and informative practice. There are three key aspects of this practice that make it work.
Source: wellandgood.com
  • Treat it like a ritual
  • Ask a good question
  • Watch for how that card appears in your day
Treat it like a ritual – Make this time just for you. Set the scene for yourself, start with an invocation or a prayer. Don’t rush, luxuriate in the beauty of the card, get to the real depth of the message. I like to do this first thing in the morning, because it helps me set my intention for the day and gives me insight into how to reach the goal that I set for myself. I am starting my day by connecting with my higher self, with the Goddess, and reminding myself that we are all connected and have access to a universal source of energy and insight. This doesn’t mean that you have to complicate things, or put aside anything more than 15 minutes or so, it is just that you keep this as a sacred time to honor yourself, and to send some light into the world while you’re doing it. Ask a good question – You can keep it open and just ask the cards, “What do I need to know today?”, but I have to admit that often leaves me flat. The more specific you get with the cards, the more specific the answer they give you, so why not put a bit of effort into that question. For me, it often boils down to how I want to FEEL. I might ask the cards, “How can I feel happy/productive/calm/peaceful/powerful/satisfied/confident/insert-your-word-here?”.
Source: alittlesparkofjoy.com
Or, if you have a particular situation that you need to navigate, or a decision you need to make, ask specifically for guidance into that. And when you look at that card, don’t pull up a rote meaning in your mind, make the effort to relate it to you personally, to see yourself in it, and to ask yourself if it suggests any concrete action steps that it would be beneficial to take. Write down your response to the card as well, include anything that it sparks for you. Watch for how that card appears in your day – Carry the image of that card in your mind throughout your day, and see how it talks to you, appears to you, whispers at you. Notice if any of the elements or symbols appear in mundane places. Pay attention to music, snatches of conversation, anything that reminds you of your card. Make it a game and an adventure, stretch yourself and your senses and assume that those messages will come and that they have value. Bonus practices:
  • In the morning, do a 10 minute mediation based on your card. Ask your intuition to help you to hone in on why this card came up for you, and what the most beneficial message is.
  • In the evening, put aside 5 or 10 minutes to jot down your insights. Make note of how the card came up in your day, and any personal connections that you made with it. Ask that card to send you a dream that night so that you can connect and play with it further.
I know it is a simple practice, but it can be a meaningful, comforting and spiritual one if it is approached in this way. It also gives you another way to get to know the cards, and create personal associations with them. Small rituals like this bring the cards to life, and extend their energy and meaning far beyond a piece of cardboard. Much love, Lori Book a Reading with LoriThe Tarot Card-of-the-Day has been making the rounds recently. Generally it’s a card that is chosen to represent a person, situation or situation that is going on in our lives. I think this is a good thing… I have always found the Tarot to be a wonderful tool for self-discovery, and I think the selection of the card that best represents a person is a wonderful way to discover and learn about one’s true self.. Read more about page of swords yes or no and let us know what you think.