54% of people in the United States play a musical instrument of some kind.
Playing the piano, in particular, has shown many benefits, especially when started earlier in life.

Do you want to learn a new instrument or fine-tune your piano skills to become the best piano player you possibly can be? Learning the piano can be an exciting venture! Read on to learn more about why learning piano is so fundamentally important.

Boost Cognitive Ability

It’s no surprise that playing the piano can be a challenge at first, but did you know that it actually sharpens your mind over time?

It activates the parts of your brain that are stimulated when practicing spatial reasoning and math, and can improve memory as well. Piano players are better equipped to remember information that’s shared verbally. They also have an easier time learning other instruments.

Source: performingartsmusic.org

Become More Organized

As with any new hobby, learning to play the piano requires a regular playing schedule. Fitting piano into your life can help you to become more organized in the long run.

For children, in particular, learning to balance the performing arts with school, and other important areas of their lives sets them up to have an easier time with maintaining a routine later in life.


Many people believe that coordination and strength are improved through particularly physical activities, but learning piano improves these areas just as well.

The cortical mapping area of your brain can actually change when playing the instrument in order to accommodate the faster finger speeds that are needed for particular songs.

Reading the music also improves coordination and can sharpen regular reading skills too!

Source: flowkey.com

Reduce Stress

It’s no surprise that more people today than ever before are dealing with stress and anxiety.

Playing the piano can improve your quality of life and help you to destress. Listening to music, such as an orchestral performance, can help you alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms.

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Unplugged Activity

Americans in particular spend an average of 5.4 hours on their phone daily.
This number is astounding, especially considering the proof that spending that much time on devices can be harmful to our health and damaging to our brains.

Learning piano is an activity that doesn’t require the usage of any electronics. In turn, it’s an activity that leaves you unplugged and improves the dopamine functioning that looking at a screen can damage.

Integrating piano into your schedule can dramatically decrease your screen time over time, and help you to rely less on electronics to entertain yourself.

Source: musicnotes.com

Learning Piano: The Bottom Line

The piano is one of the best musical instruments to play if you want to reap the cognitive and physical benefits of playing an instrument.

You can help your brain recover from the ever-increasing amount of time we spend using technology. It may also help you to become more organized, improve your memory, increase your hand-eye coordination, and reduce stress levels.

Just a few key benefits were mentioned in this article, but there are countless benefits of learning piano.

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