Do you dread studying for and taking calculus exams? Calculus has a reputation for being a difficult subject, and anyone studying it must put in a lot of effort to succeed. The good news is that you can get a good grade if you use the right study techniques.

Here are 8 strategies you can use to improve your calculus skills.

1. Establish a solid foundation

Pre-calculus work is required to understand calculus. Before diving into calculus, it is essential to understand the fundamental concepts. The fundamentals are the foundations, and without them, you will not be able to learn practical calculus. If possible, take a pre-calculus course before beginning your calculus course.

2. Grasp the fundamental theorem of calculus


Any calculus student should be familiar with the fundamental theorem. This is due to the fact that much of what you will learn in your calculus course is derived from the fundamental theorem, which is an essential part of the calculus syllabus.

3. List things to memorize

Calculus contains a plethora of equations, theorems, definitions, and formulas that may intimidate you. Write down what you have been taught in class and do your own self-study using a strategic studying technique. This enables one to understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

4. Self-study

The most effective way to improve your calculus skills is through active learning. Make a schedule and a checklist of all assigned materials. This will foster good study habits, which will lead to improved calculus skills.

5. Develop your problem-solving skills


No one can be able to solve a problem just by knowing the formulas, one wants to be able to divide complex problems into smaller fragments for an easier walkthrough. This helps you highlight the essential information of the questions to help you understand the approach.

6. Solve new problems

Once you’ve mastered the problem-solving approach, tackling new questions will give you enough practice to get better at it. If you get stuck, ask for help.

7. Form a study group

You are advised to form a study group with the people you are studying with so that you can complete your assignments and study on a regular basis. When you study in a group, you can stay on track if you miss some of your lectures, your group mates can help you with your notes, and if you encounter a complex calculus problem, they can help you solve it.

8. Get Help

There are numerous resources available on the internet that can help you navigate the topics covered by your calculus tutor. These courses include easy-to-follow instructions as well as interactive quizzes that allow you to test your problem-solving abilities.

You can also get help from calculus tutor who can help you improve your calculus skills.


Calculus is a difficult subject that requires a great deal of dedication to pass. You can improve your calculus skills by using online resources, developing your problem-solving skills, self-study, and understanding the fundamentals.