The internet continues to crack down on illegal websites, and now the Helix IPTV streaming service has found itself in the crosshairs. A hacker has struck by posting hundreds of names, addresses and phone numbers for customers of the IPTV service on a hacking and IPTV forum. The post also contains a link to the real Helix IPTV’s Twitter page, and the email addresses of the Helix IPTV’s owners.

The Helix IPTV platform is used by over 80% of Germany’s IPTV and video service providers, and there are over 30 million Helix users. The private information of these users and the companies they service is not adequately guarded.

Firegeezer has recently been involved in discussions of IPTVCalls and Internet Forum. The problem is that some IPTVCalls might be affected by a security flaw that allows hackers to get the name of the user and their address details. Firegeezer members gave some solutions to the problem but it looks like there isn’t any solution to the problem..


Read more about is iptv legal and let us know what you think.A person claiming to be a hacker has reportedly posted on the Helix Hosting IPTV website. The message, which was displayed on the homepage, stated that the provider of the IPTV service had not paid the ransom and that the hacker had therefore made the user data public, as well as the contact details of the intermediaries, the name, address and telephone number of the owner.

Helix IPTV is one of the most popular providers of third-party IPTV services. It provides access to cable TV channels and VOD and PPV content at a reduced rate.

Recently, the authorities cracked down on IPTV services. However, this appears to be a unique case where the service was hacked and asked to pay a ransom to prevent the data of users, owners and resellers from being leaked.

The message on the Helix hosting website is very clear. They say the service provider did not pay the ransom and that customer data has now been leaked. The report also shows that Helix IPTV did not pay the small fee that would have protected its customers’ data.


The message also threatens to reveal the identity of any of the owners, including their name, phone number, address and even their IP address.

The above threat message was posted on the homepage of the website. The other areas/pages of the site continued to function normally. Helix IPTV staff quickly deleted the message, but it resurfaced some time later. Right now the site is down, we don’t know if it’s the hacker or the owner.

We don’t know how it will end up. Whether Helix pays the ransom or not, one thing is very clear. Your personal data is not safe with these IPTV providers.

One of the main advantages of using a third-party IPTV service is the significant reduction in costs. But there are also many risks.


At FireStickTricks, we have always advised our readers to only distribute publicly available content. We do not encourage our readers to violate copyright law. But we also fiercely defend your privacy rights. Therefore, we recommend that you use a good VPN when watching your favorite TV channels, movies, series, etc.

The deadline for redemption is 23.00 hours. However, the message does not specify a date or time zone. It is not known whether the data has already been released, will not be released or is about to be released.

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