The simple answer to this question is yes, people can track your phone without you even knowing it. This could be anyone from a „worried“ relative to an unknown hacker looking to harm you. Either way, it’s an illegal breach of your privacy that should be dealt with as promptly as possible.

So, how can you protect yourself from hidden phone trackers and monitoring apps? How do you even know you’re being tracked?

Here we’ll tell you everything you ever wanted to know about phone tracking, so keep on reading to learn more.

You’re finding some weird screenshots and recordings in your gallery


Many phone tracker apps have integrated „spying“ features that hackers may use to fetch your data.

If you’ve been noticing some weird screenshots in your gallery that you swear you never took, it could be a tell-tale sign someone’s tracking your phone. The same goes for your voice recordings, messages, and videos.

Look for jailbreaking (or Root) software

Most suspicious malware apps need to bypass Android’s and IoS’s internal security protocols to be installed on your phone. It’s called jailbreaking (iPhone) or Rooting (Android) on your device.

The signs this has been done to your phone are quite subtle, but sometimes the „intruder“ will make a mistake. They usually need a couple of apps to do this, so if you notice any  new weird applications on your phone, it may be time for a full factory reset.

Someone in your immediate surroundings is acting suspiciously


You shouldn’t let everyone have access to your phone’s password. If you’ve made that mistake already, don’t ignore anyone who’s acting a little suspicious. It could be something as small as knowing the details of your day before you’ve had the chance to talk to them about it – whatever it is, do not ignore it.

As noted at viespy, some „spy“ apps aren’t as invasive as you may think, so it could be your parents or your loved ones who’re doing this. It’s something that should be discussed with you beforehand, not done behind your back, so don’t hesitate to talk to them and set your boundaries straight.

Your battery life is suffering


Tracking apps are usually tracking your phone 24/7, which means they use a lot of data to operate. This could put a real strain on your phone’s battery, so if you notice you’re always low on power all of the sudden, it may be a sign someone’s tracking your phone.

How to get rid of a phone tracker


If you’re suspecting your phone has been hacked, there’s only one thing you can do to ensure your privacy – a factory reset. All phones have a specific method of doing this, so google your phone’s model to learn how to start its factory reset. Make sure you back up all of your important data beforehand, though.

All in all, we hope our article has helped you learn more about the topic in question and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.