The United States Senate has one hundred members that are elected to help find the best solutions for modern problems. They are in charge of passing bills, laws, and legislation, and they represent the public.

Even though we are the ones who vote for them, and we are the ones who support our representatives, more often than not, we don’t have enough information about the members of the Senate. In this article, we are going to tell you more about Rick Scott, his political career, and how long has he been in office.

Who is Scott?


Richard Lynn Scott is first and foremost a United States businessman and politician that is a member of the Republican party. His career started long before he joined a political party, and he was first recognized as a hard-working person who was interested in investing in his education and knowledge so that he can climb the stairs of success.

Scott’s political career began more than a decade ago, and he was a candidate supported by the Republicans for the governor of Florida position. His opponent was Alex Sink from the Democratic party and through a well-thought campaign, he managed to win these elections and defeat his opponent.

Even though Sink lost with less than 1.5 percent of the votes, it still showed that Scott is the one who people trust more. In 2014 he ran for this position again, and once again, he defeated his opponent by getting the majority of the votes and got reelected for this prestigious position.

Just like with every other big name in politics, there has been a lot of controversies that surround Rick Scott. He has been accused of corruption and money laundering, and there has been a lot of mishaps with the people surrounding him.

According to Scott J Cooper, the case brought a lot of unwanted attention, and even though the official statement is that the controversial image was staged, the public is still not sure what they should believe in.

How long has he been in office?


When it comes to his place in the Senate, Scott ran for a seat in the Senate in 2018, after his mandate as a governor of Florida finished.

In these elections, his main opponent was Bill Nelson supported by the Democratic party, and once again, Rick invested millions of dollars into his campaign and persuading the public that he should be the one who should get the majority of the votes.

During this campaign, there were a lot of controversies, as Scott was still connected to previous fraud charges and alleged corruption, so no one was exactly sure if this is going to greatly impact his political career.

The beginning of the elections showed that about 12 thousand people support Scott more than his opponent, and the final number showed that Rick won with less than 10 thousand votes. When it comes to a place that has 8 million active voters, this number is really small, so the votes were recounted.

The second count just confirmed that Scott is the one who won the elections, and with that, he became an active member of the congress.

Rick Scott’s political career is far from over, and both his supporters and his opponents are interested to see what he has to offer and what his next move is.