It’s been a long time coming, but Sword of Legends Online (SOLO) is finally launching on July 9th. We’ve been hard at work since early 2016 when we first announced the game. From the beginning, this has been our passion project and it’s had a greater impact on our lives than we ever imagined.

We have been on a tight budget for development so far, in part because we haven’t been able to use a lot of familiar resources. But, now we are prepared for launch and the game is looking amazing.

Heroes of the Sword is a free online MMORPG developed by an independent team of developers and gamers. The game features classic Xianxia action, including real-time PvP and real-time PVE. Players can clear dungeons and battle monsters to level up or take quests related to their characters’ roles.


Kicking off with a bang, Swords of Legends Online is launching July 9. This martial arts theme MMORPG allows players to explore the best of traditional Chinese culture while experiencing the excitement of playing in full 3D combat with over 50 different weapons.

We have finally discovered the release date of Swords of Legends Online: 9. July. I say that like we’ve been making this game for a long time, but in reality we didn’t even know it existed in the West until April, when Gameforge accidentally announced it.

In just a few weeks, players will be able to immerse themselves in a rich, sprawling and visually stunning world and a mystical story told in fully scripted scenes. Legendary warriors play as one of six main classes, complete incredible missions, team up with formidable allies to defeat difficult enemies, and relax in a home among the clouds – easily accessible by their trusty flying horses!


Based on the legends that inspired the multi-award-winning television series, several films, novels and a series of games, including the latest MMORPG Gu Jian Qi Tan Online, which will debut in China in July 2019, Swords of Legends Online presents a fully remastered edition of the popular AAA saga for a whole new audience in Europe and America, presented in stunning high-definition visual effects.

After a successful beta test where players could try out the game, MMO fans in North America, Latin America and Europe will soon be able to jump into the game and explore a fascinating and stunningly beautiful world steeped in and inspired by the poetic history of ancient Chinese culture.


If you’re wondering how the game is going, be sure to read our Four Winds section, in which MOP’s Carlo gave his thoughts on SOLO’s slow start and how he got swept up.

And of course there is a new trailer, for the occasion – SOLO is loaded with trailers.

ViewUnlike many traditional MMORPGs, Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) is deeply rooted in Chinese mythology. It is a virtual world based on the classic novel “Swords of Destiny,” which is one of the most popular stories in Chinese literature. Over the years, SOLO has developed into a powerful role-playing game that has attracted both Chinese and foreign players.. Read more about mmorpg meaning and let us know what you think.