If you happen to be a person who enjoys their free time watching movies, and not just watching, but analyzing them and being in love with the whole art movement, you have surely heard of this actor. In case you have not heard of his name, you either have watched no films in the past years, or you just watch them without knowing who the person behind the role is. With most of the roles that he played, he has proved why he is chosen for the types of movies that he stars, and why people talk about him as one of the best actors of this century.

It is really hard not to enjoy the film where he has a part because of the energy that he offers and how it makes everyone feel when he is on the screen. That is why in this article we will talk about some of the reasons why he is considered as one of the best actors in this century.


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An indicator of how good of an actor he is, is the differences of any of his parts that he gets in different movies. He is able to perform everything that he is told to and that is what is important the most. Some actors have a sweet spot in a certain character and that is what they do the most. However, you can see him in many different characters and that is what is interesting.

Stars in the best films

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He is taking part in major names of films and they are all successful. That means that either he chooses projects that he believes have a future, or he just is doing his best work all the time and the films have success because of the whole combination of the work of the team. However, if you are taking a part in films that are seen by many people, and nobody has a bad word to say about it, that means that you are really good if not one of the best.

Some of his works

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If you have not seen many films where he takes part, you should really start to watch them one by one. Since there are many, you might have a hard time choosing what to watch first. However, you can sort things out by watching the ones that fall in the category of the genre that you enjoy the most. In case you want great stories, but also enjoy western style films, you should spend time watching the Hostiles as suggested by Scott J Cooper. That is a film where he takes the part of an officer that is supposed to take a native American person to a land that is important to them so he can be buried there.

If you want films that fall under any other category, you should look them up on the internet, however, one of the best films that he takes part in is American Psycho, from where he got his fame from. Also, he is one of the people who star Batman and more and more projects that are worth watching.