The first years are the most important in life, this is what pediatricians, but also all doctors in general, say about babies. Yes, it is true, the first years of life are the most important in many respects. First, in those years, children get their first habits, learn new things, acquire their immunity, but also eat properly so that they can slowly get used to the body for all the food that they will consume later in life.

It is especially important for a child to eat properly and to eat healthily. For that reason, in addition to breast milk in the first days of life, it is important to prepare a baby formula that will be added to the daily menu of the child.

What is the baby formula? It is a powder product called baby food. This food is produced by a number of companies that pay maximum attention to the composition. The composition must be 100% natural and not contain any artificial additives that can harm the baby’s tummy.


It is usually sold in large packages so that it can be used for a longer period of time, ie longer than one day (given that 2 to 5 such meals are made per day for the child). It is prepared with lukewarm water and the temperature of the prepared meal is adjusted to a level that babies can consume and then it is consumed. Otherwise, one thing that parents often have a problem with is very important, and that is to see when the baby will no longer like the baby formula.

This type of food can be delicious for babies, but also for older children who consume baby formula, but it can also become dull and unattractive over time. If the child is less than 12 months old then he probably does not want to consume the food that you have prepared for him until then, and if the child is over 12 months old in that case it is the age when do babies stop drinking formula.

However, there can be many reasons, but let’s see How to know if you need to change your baby’s formula, a question that bothers many young mothers when it comes to this type of baby food and small children. Let’s see what are the answers to this question which causes a lot of dilemmas.


Your baby does not want to eat the whole baby meal you have prepared – one of the days comes when your baby needs to eat. At that moment you start preparing the baby formula, cool it, and offer it to your child, but he does not even want to try the meal.

It is a sign sometimes that your little one is not hungry, but when it comes to frequent refusal of the meal then it means that it is necessary to change the formula and decide on some other type of food that is intended for babies. Before choosing a new one, consult carefully about which one is the best and most recommended because it is very important.

You need to insist on eating from the meal – you prepare a meal, it is well cooled and you bring it to your baby to eat from it but it refuses the meal and does not want to try. If you find yourself in this situation, and especially if you find yourself in a situation where you have to insist on trying it from the meal, then that type of food is no longer tasty for the baby and you need to think about finding a way to eat or again to look for a new kind of formula that you will prepare for your loved one.


He cries when he has to eat formula – when you go to feed a baby he usually accepts the food you give him, but if he starts crying then something is wrong. In many cases, mothers think that it cries because the food is hot or very cold because it is not hungry and the like, but they have to take into account the fact that it may be because your little one no longer wants that kind of baby formula because he no longer likes the smell and taste, which means you will have to consider a suitable replacement.

The baby gets upset when you make him eat the whole formula – even though they are small, they can still show that they are upset and that something does not suit them or is not right. If you bring the bottle close to the baby’s mouth and it starts screaming, refusing, and not wanting to take the pacifier from the bottle in the mouth, then it gets upset and refuses such food. You will then need to find a way to serve the meal or find another meal replacement and replace the type of formula you are using.

Of course, you need to take the formula and if it is a baby who is older and you are using a formula for a smaller baby – keep in mind another really important thing. Who is she? It is a fact that there are different versions of the formulas that differ from each other. Each of them is designed for a specific age, so you need to find one that suits your baby. If it is older you will need to get one that is for older children, and if it is smaller you will need to get one for younger ones. This is something you have to be careful about because each version is for one age and not more.

Do you see any of these signs? In that case, it will be necessary to react appropriately and change the formula you are using at the moment. Yes, the process of change can be a little tedious for you, but take into account the fact that it is still your child who needs to have a proper meal at all times that he will want to eat and keep fed throughout the day.