Moving to a new home is a big event that brings with it many changes and expectations. But before you move into your new apartment, you must go through the moving process, which can be very long and difficult.

You need to load the furniture and other things you plan to take with you into boxes and get them to the new place. If you have decided to only take non-bulky items, you can do it yourself, but if you plan to move furniture, you can’t do it without help. It is best to contact a reliable moving company, Urmove, which is guaranteed to make your move as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Remove the essentials


For your last day in the country, pack everything but the essentials. Pack your documents, phone charger, laptop, wallet, and first aid kit in your bag or backpack. Prepare snack food, water and other drinks, and set aside clothes and shoes that you and family members will wear. Leave one empty box in which to put items used in the morning before you leave: towels, toothbrushes, combs, cosmetics, and hygiene products. Even better, if this box will stand in a prominent place, so that you can find and open it first thing in the new place.

Prepare your new apartment

Before you bring in furniture, protect the door jambs: they are often bumped when carrying large objects. It is also better to cover the floor with plastic wrap or newspaper, because the movers will not take off their shoes when they bring in each box. Make sure the outlets in the new place are working, the lights are on, and the water is flowing at the right temperature. Clean up – it’s always nice to come to a clean house, and it’s uncomfortable to clean an apartment cluttered with furniture and boxes.

What can you do ahead of time in your new apartment to make the move easier on yourself? Actually, quite a few things:

• Bring pre-washed or new curtains to the new apartment and hang them up – the first night after moving in the apartment will be cozier;
• Install the Internet in advance;
Make a general cleaning, and in order not to lose it ask the movers to bring things in shoe covers;
• Prepare in advance several sets of keys for all family members;

Measure furniture and appliances


Whether you’re selling your apartment or moving from one rental home to another, the first thing to decide is what furniture you’ll take with you. It depends on what you have in the other house, what will fit, whether it makes sense to transport bulky cabinets, whether you can do without them, or whether you need to buy more appropriate to the interior. By measuring the cabinets, beds and refrigerator, you will have an idea of the volume of transportation, because the furniture takes up the most space. It is not unreasonable to make sure that the piano or dresser will fit in the doorways of the new apartment. Unnecessary bulky items can be sold or given away.

Get rid of unnecessary items


A few weeks before X-day go through your closets. You’re sure to find clothes that can be recycled or donated to charity, sold through online sites or donated to the needy. The same goes for dishes, furniture and other household items. At the same time, you can make lists of things you need to buy for your new home. By getting rid of unnecessary items, you will not only save space in your moving boxes, but also prepare yourself for the new stage of life.

Make a plan for your new place


This way you can avoid fuss in the first hours after the move: It’s much better to put the furniture in its place than to move heavy sofas and cabinets later. This tip is especially useful for those who are moving into an apartment with 2 or more rooms.