In the wake of the S10 and S11, Sea-Gull has just introduced a new slow pitch jig. The S Impact Series will compete on the market with other slow pitch jig companies including Speed-Bait-R, Milennium and Enviro-Bait, while they are all priced at around $120.

Sea Falcon, a leading provider of slow-pitch softball equipment and accessories, has added a unique new item to its product line in the form of the S Impact Slow Pitch Jig. As the name implies, the S Impact Slow Pitch Jig is designed for use by female players only. The jig consists of a one-piece body and two tail arms, with the tail arms connected by a swivel joint. The slow-pitch jig is designed to hold the ball in the jig’s “turtle” shell, preventing the ball from rolling away and both increasing the jig’s gripping power and decreasing the frequency of pitching practice.

Luke Cuenco 06.04.21 Slow-casting jigs are a small but powerful companion for any serious saltwater angler. Slow throw jigs are small and narrow and can attract the hardest to find fish, while still withstanding the tremendous stresses they are subjected to when you bring the fish back to the boat. Sea Falcon has just introduced its latest offering for saltwater anglers, the S Impact Slow Pitch Jig, which is made from high quality components and comes in 8 different color configurations to fine-tune your cast.

Sea Falcon presents the S Impact Slow Pitch Jig

The S Impact Slow Pitch Jig is specially designed by Sea Falcon to give the angler the most accurate fishing experience possible. Fish like bluefin tuna, grouper, snapper and blue marlin are legendary, not only for their size and the battles they put up, but also for the challenge of catching at least one. The Impact S is designed to mimic the swimming action of a wounded fish with a long drop and steep rise. In addition, the S-shape of the spoon creates irregular shock movements while floating, further attracting the target fish. Product Features: – Jig with a slow throw – Unstable shocks and falls – Ideal for the ¼, ½ and 1 Pitch Jerk. Target species : – Multispecies, but mostly tuna, grouper and snapper. Sea Falcon has developed a performance chart for each of its jigs indicating drop, speed, weight distribution, dwell time, current, drag and slip width so you can choose the right jig no matter where you are or what type of fish you are trying to catch. Each Sea Falcon S Impact Slow Pitch Jig is hand painted and available in a variety of weights and colors from 120 to 200 grams. The S Impact Slow Pitch Jig is available from Sea Falcon with prices starting at $23.10 for some light jigs and $29.30 for heavier jigs.