We wrote numerous times about the most popular gambling games, and we believe that even birds on branches know by now that blackjack is one of the four most popular ones in the world. There are iterations and there are slight differences but Blackjack is one of the most bellowed and played gambling games.

The fame of it and the love toward it is because it is rather easy to master and learn. There are some strategies and plans you need to learn and develop if you want to be as successful in it as possible, but more on that in another article. Today we are talking about tips and tricks that will help you master Blackjack. This article today will be done in a slightly different manner than you are used to from us. Instead of telling you what to do to master the game, we will tell you the things you need to void if you want to be considered a master of the game.

Why such a change? Well, the fact is that sometimes things you avoid can mean more than things you are chasing for. In this case, you will see several things people do that are ruining their game or ruining their chances of making money from Blackjack. Any casino game is easy and can bring you cash if you know what to do, what to avoid and if you have a decent strategy involved.

Without further ado, let’s talk about what you need to avoid, and if you want to test it out you can easily do it at Big Dollar online casino.

1. Odds

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Now when playing Blackjack, you are usually playing 3 to 2 odds right?! This means that for every two units you are betting you will get paid 3 units. In money and layman’s terms that translates to – if you bet $10, you would get $15 back. Now there are 6 to 5 tables as well where the numbers are bigger but they do not mean you are getting paid more. These tables are great for the House especially when they are used by new players that do not understand the math behind these odds.

Here if you get a blackjack you should be paid 6 units for every 5 you put in. for our example form before – for $10 you put in you only get $12. Now I bet you that you see right now that 12 isn’t bigger than 15 and that bigger odds in a game do not directly translate to more money for the player. Regular Blackjack casino table should bring the House an edge of around 0,5% while the 6 to 5 tables bring the House edge up to around 1,4% and more.

2. Avoid continuous shuffling machine

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If you don’t know what this machine is, it is a big plastic snail that sits on top of the Blackjack table and constantly shuffles your cards. Unlike standard single shuffling machines that take up to 8 decks, this one takes a smaller number of decks and it constantly shuffles them while you are playing. This machine feeds the card to the dealer for the hand and after you are done playing that hand the dealer takes the cards from the table and inserts them in the back of this machine to be shuffled again for some of the next rounds.

If you think that this is bad for those that are counting cards, we are here to tell you this machine is bad for all types of players. The casino has an upper hand in this game when you play it more and faster. When playing longer and faster you eventually lose more and these machines are capable of speeding the game by dealing 20% more hands per hour than other types, that is according to research we read about.

3. Money handling

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Now if you think that this one will be a tip for money management you are wrong. If you don’t want to look like a beginner and a newbie then you need to know how to handle money and a dealer. In Blackjack or any other table game, you never hand your money to the dealer. You take your money and leave it in front of you so the dealer takes it, spreads it around so the cameras can pick up on it and you get your chips the way you like them.

Anything other may look suspicious or may make you look like a non-expert and a noob.

4. Card handling

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When playing in a live casino you will see a lot of experts and pros doing things a lot different than you? do they know something is it a part of some sort of behaviour that is necessary or is it something else? The fact is that it is a bit of all the above. There are certain rules in this type of game and you need to know them. How you handle your cards tells a lot about you but it also tells something to the casinos. When you are dealt your cards if they are dealt from the shoe you must not touch them at all. The reason for that is that the casinos are very paranoid about marking cards and cheating. If you are on a Blackjack table that is a hand pitch game then you need to turn your card and see what you got, but you should do it with one hand and without moving the card back and forth as possible. Moving them to the edge of the table or anywhere near your body, especially with two hands is out of any question!

5. Use hand signals

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As we already mentioned Blackjack isn’t that hard to learn but there are some things you need to know. When playing this game you do not use your words to tell the dealer what you want but rather use your hands. The dealer will constantly gaze at the table and cards, and very rarely speak to you directly while looking you in your eyes. This is why you use your hands to tell them when you want a hit, stand, split and double down. These are not hard to memorize and they surely make you look like a pro and a master of the game. With a straight face and good hand signals, you are golden.