Succulents have always been popular if you wanted to decorate your home, apartment or office. The reason why so many people love having succulents is because they are easy to maintain and quite inexpensive. In addition, succulents can last a long time, which means that you don’t have to throw them out after just a few days, which may be the case with some other flowers and houseplants.

Even though succulents are low-maintenance, it does take some effort to keep them alive and healthy. The good thing about it is that everyone can do it, even if you don’t know anything about houseplants. In this article, we will talk about how to take care of succulents in low light environment and how does light (or the lack of it) affect it.

Succulents Love Light


First of all, you should know that succulents love light. However, they can adapt anywhere and keeping them inside the house where there is low light isn’t a problem. Still, you want to place them somewhere where it is not entirely dark, if it isn’t possible to place them near your windows.

Different Types of Succulents


There is a lot of different types of succulents with some of the most popular being cacti, dragon fruit, aloe vera, purslane, etc. Some of these are much better for low-light environment than the others and before you proceed with the purchase, we’ve listed some common succulents people buy for such environments:

• Zebra cactus
• Burro’s tail
• String of Pearls
• Jade plant
• String of hearts
• Aloe Vera

Any of these will do and it is up to you to pick what’s suited best for your home. Some of these are hanging succulents while the others are a bit larger. There is a wide variety of succulents for sale that you can order today and have them delivered to your doorstep.

How to maintain low-light succulents?


There are a few important things to mention if you plan to go for the low light succulents.

Not being exposed to the sun isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even though they love the sun, too much exposure could dry them quickly, except for some cacti.

Therefore, having shade is actually a good thing.

Firsly, make sure that the potting soil is well draining with the incorporated grit. The good soil will extend the life of succulents especially if they don’t see light that often. Secondly, be careful not to over water them. Succulents can endure without you having to water them every day, but keep in mind just to keep the soil moist and nothing more than that. If you water it too much, the root will rot quickly.

Also, when watering, consider the season and the weather. If it is cold and rainy with not so much sun, you can cut the watering to half, compared to hot summer days.

Caring for low-light succulents isn’t rocket science, but you need to follow your plant’s growth and act accordingly.