Plaguefall is a part of the famous dungeons that become available from level 53. Characters who have chosen one of the four suggested options will be able to get access to new adventures. Now, we are talking about the common, heroic, epochal, and epochal+ modes.

The options differ in the task complexity, with the number of levels and bosses remaining unchanged. You can get to Plaguefall from Darklands, which will later become the starting point for the characters you’ve chosen. All you need is to take the challenge and defeat new enemies!

A variety of bosses: specifics of passing the dungeon


You start discovering the rich underground world with unpleasant locations. Before fighting with the first boss Clobgrog, you will have to fight for territory with no other but with slugs. In Plaguefall location, there are four varieties of them at once, with the special weapons being needed for each of them.

The boss’s defense also depends on the agility of the giants. Approaching the goal carefully will become a perfect strategic solution. However, you should keep in mind that there are still three other main opponents here, namely:

  1. Doctor Ickus. Common sense will help you defeat the boss. The list of tasks includes killing mobs that protect the formidable Doctor. You can use a Terrible Explosion, but this way you’ll be able to hit 5 targets only.
  2. Domina Venomblade. Fighting with this boss for territory will be fascinating. Moreover, you will be able to meet a lot of your “old mates” besides Domina. Take your time and be careful acting. One tentacle at a time is enough to achieve the goal.
  3. Margrave Stradama. This is the last boss of Plaguefall. A few types of mobs will protect her, so stay alert. Your fight for victory will be long and hard, but still, the way to go will be quite fascinating.

Battles and fights happen at every turn, so keep your eyes open. In the slime surrounding the bosses, live their defenders, whom you’ll have to destroy. Don’t forget to clear the territory and prepare shelters in advance. You can inflict severe damage by using a few tricks.

Fight with Clobgrog


To win the leader quickly, you will need to clean the territory qualitatively. The present slugs (and appearing ones in the future) will cause his quick recovery. Control the number of the boss’s assistants and try to prevent contact between them.

Pay additional attention to the boss’s abilities. Clobgrog resorts to the help of the slugs, which throw players away from time to time and damage them. Besides, his skill list includes Explosive Cone. In case you notice the attack being planned, gamers recommend:

  • staying as close as possible to the boss during the attack;
  • responding to attempts to use the Cone promptly;
  • keeping a safe distance to avoid being thrown away.

Occasional damage, debuff and other additional maneuvers will affect your vitality. Protect yourself from unexpected attacks and control as much free space as possible.

Victory over Doctor Ickus


Dr. Ickus is trying to stay alive by all possible means, so check the list of his secret moves. For example, the boss can jump to neighboring islands and leave bombs there. They are dangerous for players since the explosion causes fatal damage.

You have 30 seconds to defuse the bomb. Pay attention to the health amount. Approaching 66% and 33% means that a bomb attack will follow immediately. Neutralize it, otherwise, you’ll have to start it from scratch.

How to defeat Domina


The boss’ strong point is her Killer Spider mechanics. Domina’s companions multiply gradually, so players have to control their number all the time. When it reaches a critical value, the gamer will be left with nothing.

The killers are protected by the Masking Web. You will be able to see your opponent after passing through the covering web. The gradually increasing strength will affect the inflicted damage. Under favorable conditions, Killer Spiders hit anyone who is close to them in the fight.

The Lone Victim attack will become a serious obstacle in your way. Stay close to your team, because otherwise, you’ll attract the attention of the attacking character. The distance between the companions shouldn’t be over 6 meters. Otherwise, the player will be covered in cobwebs and become useless.

Margrave Stradama and the fight


Her location in the center of the room is not a coincidental whim. Margrave Stradama is capable of damaging from far away, so be sure to take precautions. You’ll be able to prevent an attack by placing characters not far from the boss.

The Plague Strike ability causes the most severe damage to players. The gist of the attack is that the boss increases the number of tentacles on the ground and launches them against the team of gamers. If one of them lands, the team will be damaged to a fatal level.

Keep calm and don’t miss an opportunity to attack the enemy. Clear the territory of slime and be sure to destroy the enemy’s tentacles completely. The color changes before the attack, so it is possible to find a successful location to defeat the enemy.

Also, after reaching a critical health level (66%), be ready that Margrave Stradama will dive into the pool. She tries to defend herself, with new tentacles appearing. The danger is that new opponents attack in a cone.

The fatal damage to the players becomes evident immediately after the hit of the cone. This must not be allowed. Protect your team from the attack and try to maneuver between the tentacles. Difficult fights are more than common, so use the WoW boost.

Here, you will find practical tips and tricks for defeating the main bosses from various locations. Every registered user will be able to learn to withstand attacks and get support. Besides, you have an opportunity to upgrade your skills without any effort.