The Carnival Triumph, a Carnival Cruise Line cruise ship, left PortMiami at around 11:30 am Thursday morning, May 31st. The ship will spend several days in the Bahamas, then travel to Miami, Florida, the state of Florida where it will undergo a series of tests to determine if they are at full and safe capacity. The tests include a complete inspection of all public areas, the cabins, the lifeboats, the engine room, and the sewage treatment system.

The ship is named the Carnival Triumph , and it is the first of its class to be built in 50 years, but that doesn’t mean it’s not ready to cruise the seven seas.

January 9 – In the first-ever test of its kind, a cruise ship will leave Miami on January 9 for a weeklong voyage into Miami’s territorial waters, which are the same as waters the United States and its allies control in the Western Hemisphere. The cruise line Royal Caribbean International announced the itinerary would include a week of scheduled CDC and US Coast Guard inspections of the ship as it travels south from Miami to the Caribbean. The inspections are intended to help identify any potential health risks to passengers and crew from fecal contamination on the ship, which is a common vector for gastroenteritis and hepatitis A.

On Sunday, Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas became the first cruise ship to leave a U.S. port with passengers in 464 days. The ship made a test voyage, a test cruise organized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to test the COVID-19 protocols among passengers and crew.

Freedom of the Seas docks on the 20th. Departing Miami in June 2023 (Photo: Michael Bayley/Facebook).

The ship left Miami at 7 p.m. with about 600 volunteer passengers on board who were part of the Royal Caribbean Group’s ground crew, as well as a representative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Over the next three days, the cruise line will recreate and test various elements of a COVID-19-era paid cruise on Perfect Day at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas, including embarkation and disembarkation procedures, onboard stealth and social distancing protocols, dining, and even the logistics of calling at a port.

If a crew member or passenger tests positive, the cruise line must have isolation procedures and facilities at the home port for quarantine and medical treatment of infected passengers.

We brought in some of the best experts in the country and the world to determine what we needed to do, Patrick Dahlgren, senior vice president of global maritime operations for Royal Caribbean Group, told CNN.

If all employees on the test cruise are vaccinated, Royal Caribbean does not require passengers to be vaccinated when paid cruises resume from Florida.

Although vaccination is strongly recommended, unvaccinated passengers may board the aircraft at their own expense after additional testing.

Vaccination is required for summer 2023 Alaska cruises from Seattle and all other expeditions from the United States.

But it’s likely that these requirements could be adjusted as new ships come back on line, Michael Bailey, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean, said on Facebook. This is our current policy, and we expect it to change in the coming weeks and months, he wrote.

Although Freedom of the Seas is the first Royal Caribbean ship to leave the U.S. in more than a year, it is not the first of the company’s ships to resume voyages from North America.

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The Adventure of the Seas began its cruise from Nassau, Bahamas on Saturday the 12th. June, offers 7 night cruises to Freeport, Perfect Day to Coco Cay and Cozumel.

If all goes well, the Freedom of the Seas will be in service starting July 2. PortMiami is offering paid flights again.

The first Royal Caribbean ship to depart from NassauCruise ships have been around a long time, but more recently they have become popular with travelers. One of the biggest cruise ship companies has a new advertisement campaign that is promoting a new cruise ship. The campaign is for a new cruise ship from Royal Caribbean Cruises, named the “Sam’ Jazz.” The cruise ship is scheduled to debut in the next few months and is headed to Miami.

During the cruise there will be a mandatory health inspection to see if the ship is fit to travel. The cruise ship is scheduled to depart from Miami on April 14th for a 3-day cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise is required by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and will include a mandatory check-up. The ship will return. Read more about breaking news cruise ship and let us know what you think.