Toyota Tacoma 2023’s model is like a medium-sized truck making heads turn on the road for its ability to offer a top-notch off-roading experience. It is not the first model that comes with a grill. The models are a must-try if you have a thing for mid-sized cars or trucks.

If you are smitten with the exteriors of this sturdy truck, brace yourself to explore what’s on the inside. With sharp edges, these trucks are equipped with features that serve transportation and travel needs. You can expect immense safety while using these trucks, along with some amazing features that will make you feel tech-savvy.

These trucks had been missing in action but are now gaining immense popularity. From suspension systems to upgraded functioning, the approach of these trucks is beyond amazing. It has been sorting different needs of people, and with the trucks, it adds to its portfolio, market variation, and credibility to a great extent. Also, a customer can expect a lot from this brand with a smart look combined with improved and angular breaks. Customizations go hand-in-hand with these trucks. If you want to change the grill, you should check different options likeĀ

Everyone who rides a Toyota Tacoma must replace the grill once in a while. If you have this mini-truck and want to get a new grill, you will have to remove the old one and replace it. The TRD off-road grille is an upgraded version of the previous ones available. There are 2 reasons to go for a grill change majorly. They are as follows:

  • The unique look of the grill is superb, and the quality fineness is reliable to add to the truck.
  • It enhances the vehicle’s look by giving it a raw and rough vibe.

Essential Equipment


The first thing to know is that changing any 3rd-gen grill is pretty easy. It won’t even take you one hour to complete the overall process. Even if this is your first try for a grill change, it won’t be a problem as the process is simple.

The process includes some essential equipment like:

  • A 10mm socket.
  • Screw-drivers.
  • A flathead.
  • Needle-nose pliers.

Removing The Old Grill

The first that you have to do is start the truck and pop the button that opens the front part of the mini-truck.

  • On opening the upper, insert your fingers to feel a latch attached to the inside area where the grill is placed. Pull that latch in the upward direction using a rod, and then fix the hood up so that it does not cause a problem while changing the grill.
  • When replacing the grill, you can take the old grill out along with the surrounding material that has been attached in a combined color to the truck. The idea is to make the product look like an indispensable part of the truck.
  • Removing it is simple as there are just 2 screws you need to pull with the help of a socket and another. You need to move it downward with the use of needle-nose pliers. Make sure to check for the wiring sensor available for trucks of 2018 and above models. There are 2 pins near the headlights, which should be removed to get the grill out and away from the car. You can use a flathead to remove it.
  • Don’t cut the wires. All you have to do is reach out to the wires covering and press it hard. The cables will come out easily.
  • Move all the extra hardware, and the grill will easily pop out of its place.

Points To Remember While Removing


When you talk about changing the grill on a Toyota Tacoma, you should know that the process involves replacing the grill from the surrounding piece. The sensor stays intact throughout the replacement process. Only the outer that is the grill bulging out of the surrounding part changes.

Now, use the screwdriver to remove the grill from the surrounding piece. Try to put the slots through the placement. Do it slowly, so the grill does not break or the slot does not remain inside the entry. Consider using a flathead if nothing seems to work with your hands. Otherwise, it will be problematic for the new grill also. After this, you can separate the old grill from the surrounding piece.

There are sensor wires that are still attached. You should remove them. Look carefully, and you will spot a small socket kind of a thing. Push it through in the backward position, remove the final surround piece, and that’s how the sensor wires will be separated from the surrounding piece.

Remove the foam pieces, if any, followed by removing the screws to separate the sensor of the new grill from its body. Also, remove the disc pieces. However, using a flathead, you will have to remove the wire separately from the grill.

That’s all about using the old grill.

Fixing The New Grill

Here are the steps you need to follow to fix the new grill in the support box and then put the package back in its original place in front of the vehicle.

  • Before fixing, transfer the sensor and the wire to the new grill. Use the screw and the screwdriver to improve the sensor and the wire in single or multiple holes, as available in your new grill.
  • Put the new grill back to the location of the old grill in the surrounding piece. Secure it by putting the screws in place.
  • Please pick up the surround, put it back in its original place, and repeat the initial steps, including removing the surrounding piece.

Test the sensors. You can go for more than one test to check for the grill and its impact on your truck’s functioning. You are good to go with your new grill if it functions well!



So, that’s all about changing the grills for your might truck. The process is not long, and you can do it independently. Be careful while doing the process, and you’ll love the new look of your truck.