Did you know that the CBD skincare market is predicted to grow by over 1 billion dollars next year?

With so many CBD lovers in the world, some are concerned about their ability to travel with their CBD products.

Traveling with your favorite CBD products shouldn’t be stressful! Can you take CBD on a plane? Read our article to find out!

Can You Bring CBD on a Plane?

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CBD comes in a variety of forms that are safe for travel. Creams, oils, and edibles are safe to take on a plane departing from a legal state.

Since every state has different laws regarding CBD, it is important to do your research before departure.

For example, pro-cannabis states like California sell CBD in their airports! Since CBD is federally legal, however, you are allowed to carry CBD on nearly every domestic flight.

Can You Travel With CBD Cream?

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CBD cream is one of the most travel-friendly forms of cannabis. Cannabis cream high in CBD has anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation and chronic pain can be soothed by CBD cream during a flight. It is important to double-check that your CBD cream does not contain THC as well.

Traveling with CBD should be an easy and rewarding process. If you have any concerns, however, consider packing your CBD cream inside of your checked luggage.

Understanding CBD Regulations

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Are you about to board an international flight? Before you go, research the legality of CBD abroad.

Some countries have accepted the medicinal use of CBD. Other countries still see all forms of cannabis as illegal substances.

To best protect yourself, speak with the local embassy of the country you plan on visiting before your trip!

Using CBD Oil on a Plane 101

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CBD oil is one of the easiest methods of ingestion. Some individuals feel concerned about their ability to publicly use CBD, especially on a plane.

Public spaces like planes should not be stressful spaces to enjoy CBD. Almost every form of CBD is legal on a domestic flight. This rule applies to even the strongest CBD oils.

Compostable forms of cannabis, like smoking or vaping, are illegal on airplanes. That being said, oils and creams are a great option to satisfy your CBD travel needs!

Traveling With CBD? No Problem!

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A wide spectrum of CBD companies are recognizing the need for travel-friendly forms of cannabis.

There is now a diverse range of CBD options that are perfect for airplane travel. Edible forms of cannabis, like CBD gummies, are a wonderful option to consider. Traveling with CBD should be a fun and stress-free process!

There are many organizations to help you understand the rules and stay safe. Take matters into your own hands by starting a line of communication if you are still concerned.

Can You Take CBD on a Plane?

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Can you take CBD on a plane? It depends on where you are from and where you are going.

If you are an American taking a domestic flight, then you are in the clear!

CBD is a medicinal substance that can relieve flight anxiety and other ailments associated with air travel.

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